How to use our tools?


How do I navigate through the tools?

You can easily navigate through the hierarchy of the regulation, just by clicking on the relevant hierarchy level. However, you can also enter directly the number of the article you are interested in, in the "Article No." field in the top right of the browser: Also you can use the history bar in the top left to navigate to previously read articles:

How can I see the defined terms?

Seing the defined terms is very easy, just hover with your mouse over the term and the definifiton will pop up instantly.

How do I add additional team members?

Within your admin account (the one you have purchased the subcription of the tool) just go to "Account" than to "Subsriptions" and than to "Sub Accounts". In "Sub Accounts" you can manage all sub accounts within your team. You can add or delete sub accounts or you can also copy a link which you can send to your team members so they can sign-up and they will be automatically added to your account.

What can I search?

In our smart search, we included all relevant publications by EU authorities, incl. any referenced EU regulation or directive. You can also search for your notes or any uploaded content. Just type in your search term or phrase and we will categorise the search results for you.

Can I export the mind maps?

Yes, just klick on the download button in the mind map view and select the format.

What are the advanced search features?

In our advanced search feature, you can pre-select categories to search for. Also you can use advanced search syntax. Use "..." to search for exact words or phrases (like: "large exposure"), or use "-" to exclude terms from your search (like: exposure - search).

How can I reset my password?

Just click on "Forgot Password" and enter your email adress, we will send you automatically a link to reset your password.

In which languages are the tools available?

Our tools are available in English and German. However, some of the publications of the EU authorities are only available in English.

How can I upgrade my plan for more team members?

Upgrading your plan is very easy. Just click on "Account" than on "Change Plan" and select the plan you want. After you have upgraded your plan, you can add additional team members.

How can I terminate the free trial?

Just go to your account settings and cancel the subscription.